YouTuBox has been relaunched!

A completely rewritten version of YouTubox has been released. It enables you to directly upload videos from your Dropbox to YouTube. Scheduling video releases on YouTube is now possible, too.

After we had the opportunity to talk to some users of the first version, we have re-thought the whole app from scratch. What you see now is a more focussed and minimalized version of YouTubox that can currently do the following things to help you focus on producing videos:

  • Automatically upload videos from Dropbox to YouTube
    A special folder is created in your Dropbox when you connect it to YouTuBox. All videos placed in this folder will be uploaded as “private” to the YouTube channel that you linked on signup.
  • Schedule YouTube video publication
    After a video has been uploaded through YouTuBox, you can choose the date and time you want it to be released to your audience. Please use the Youtube video manager to edit the details such as title, tags and description before you publish a video.

We want to make YouTuBox the ultimate toolbox for your YouTube workflow, and have some more cool features in petto already. Please try it out (10 days free!) and tell us what you think. Use the feedback link inside the app to report bugs or ask for support or new features. We highly appreciate any feedback, especially at this point now!