1. Connect YouTube Channel

Log in with your Google account and connect a YouTube channel to get started.

2. Link Storage Account

On Dropbox, a special folder will be created for you. On Google Drive, you can choose any folder for YouTuBox to watch.

3. Upload Files

Put some video files into the respective cloud storage folder and watch YouTuBox automatically pick them up and transfer them to YouTube.

How to use YouTuBox

YouTuBox is an easy to use solution to upload your videos from your Google or Drive or Dropbox Account to your YouTube Account. All you have to do is connect your existing Google or Dropbox Account to YouTuBox and you are ready and set to automatically transfer videos to your YouTube Account.

How to upload Videos from Google Drive to YouTube

YouTuBox lets you connect your existing Google Drive Account to YouTube to easily upload as many Videos as you need. → Learn More

How to upload Videos from Dropbox to YouTube

If you want to connect your Dropbox Account to YouTube, YouTuBox got you covered as well! After just a few clicks your are able to bulk upload Videos or automate your YouTube Video workflow. → Learn More

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Use Cases
Why should you use Google Drive or Dropbox to upload your Videos?

Team Collaboration

YouTuBox helps you improve your collaborative content creation process. Create shared folders in Google Drive and link them to your YouTube Channels.

Bad Connectivity

YouTuBox lets you benefit from Dropbox' or Google Drive's rock solid file upload mechanisms. This way you can transfer videos to YouTube even when the web uploader falls short due to an unreliable internet connection.


Improve the efficiency of your content creation workflow. YouTuBox automatically shifts videos from your cloud storage provider over to your YouTube Channels.

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