Frequently Asked Questions

How to upload Videos from Google Drive to YouTube?

Back in 2020 Google disabled the option to directly upload your Videos from your Google Drive to YouTube. While it is still possible to somewhat dodge this by using the Google Drive desktop app or a third-party Chrome extension, the upload will drain your data and requires a considerable speed and bandwidth.

Does YouTuBox use my local internet connection for uploading?

No. YouTuBox uploads your video files straight from Dropbox to YouTube without using your local connection. It tries to use the fastest, most direct available path between Dropbox and YouTube. Thus, none of your precious internet badwidth is consumed, once your video has been uploaded to your Dropbox account.

What happens if i run out of quota?

Whenever you try to upload a file through YouTuBox that is larger than your remaining quota, YouTuBox will still recognise that file, but refuse to upload it to YouTube. You will get an Email to inform you about the file waiting for quota.

How to upload a video from Dropbox to YouTube?

If you choose to use the YouTuBox service to make your video uploads to YouTube easier, faster and more fun, you have to first sign up with a YouTuBox account. Luckily – you can just use your existing YouTube (Google) login.