February 26, 2023

How to upload Videos from Google Drive to YouTube?

Back in 2020 Google disabled the option to directly upload your Videos from your Google Drive to YouTube. While it is still possible to somewhat dodge this by using the Google Drive desktop app or a third-party Chrome extension, the upload will drain your data and requires a considerable speed and bandwidth.

The fastest and easiest way to upload your large video files is to connect your Google Drive Account to YouTube via YouTuBox. That way the transfer is independent from your internet speed and relies on Google Drives’ bombproof mechanisms.

How to upload YouTube Videos with the Google Drive Desktop App

Note: this method will allow you to bulk upload videos from your Google Drive to YouTube, but it will still download the files to your local machine first. The same goes if you are using Chrome Extensions.

If you are fine with huge uploads from your local computer you can use these simple steps to upload Videos from Drive to YouTube:

Step 1: Download the Google Drive desktop app

You can find it on Google or your Google Drive account. Super fast to set up and easy to use, just like a local folder.

Step 2: Select the “local” Google Drive in your YouTube Studio

Here you can select your Google Drive folder just as you would select any other local folder.

Step 3: Upload the video file (or multiple video files)

Find your video files in the “local” Google Drive folder and select them. You can even select more than one and bulk upload them.

Step 4: Wait and wait…aand wait (or use YouTuBox instead)

This is the annoying part: using the Google Drive desktop app will still require your computer to download the videos first before transferring them to YouTube. Thus you will need a considerable internet speed to not freak out over long YouTube uploads.

YouTuBox will save you time and internet speed. You can upload multiple videos without the need to rely on your local setup and connection. That way you can still keep on being productive while your upload is running.