What happens if i run out of quota?

Whenever you try to upload a file through YouTuBox that is larger than your remaining quota, YouTuBox will still recognise that file, but refuse to upload it to YouTube. You will get an Email to inform you about the file waiting for quota. You then have the following options: Wait until the next billing cycle. … Read more

What is the maximum allowed upload size per file?

There are no hard limits from our side regarding file size. The only restrictions are the storage capacity allowed on your Dropbox plan and the maximum upload size dictated by YouTube, which is currently at 128GB*. YouTube also won’t accept video files longer that 12 hours*. However, your plan must have sufficient monthly quota available … Read more

What if the upload doesn’t start?

Make sure the videos are placed in the Apps/YouTuBox folder in your Dropbox Check that the file extensions match the list of allowed extensions Make sure the videos are fully synced with Dropbox (e.g. show up in the web version: https://www.dropbox.com/home/Apps/YouTuBox) If your videos don’t show up in YouTuBox within a few minutes (max. 5), … Read more

Which video formats are supported?

YouTuBox supports all formats accepted by YouTube. Files with the following extensions are recognized as video files and uploaded by YouTuBox: .3gpp .avi .flv .mkv .mov .mp4 .mpeg4 .mpegps .webm .wmv If you think there is something missing that should be supported, please contact us!

How to upload a video from Dropbox to YouTube?

If you choose to use the YouTuBox service to make your video uploads to Youtube easier, faster and more fun, you have to first sign up with a YouTuBox account. Luckily – you can just use your existing Youtube (Google) login. Just look for this button on the main page. As soon as you are … Read more

How to schedule the publication of a video?

YouTuBox isn’t just for uploading videos. We want to be your ultimate media helper, from start to finish. We have funky feature plans for the future, but the first one is quite simple. Live in Thailand? Your viewership is in Europe/North Amerika? Time your video publications to be just right for the viewers you are … Read more